Why and How

Spill kits help you manage risks

Accidents happen.  Whether this is sickness, blood or another bodily fluid spill, pathogens can survive on surfaces for up to several months and therefore represent a real risk for your employees, clients, stakeholders.

Our food safe disinfectant can help, especially when used as part of our ready to use and internationally renowned Body Fluid Spill Kits.

Why do body fluid spills represent a serious workplace threat?

Employee downtime
Reduced productivity
Lost revenues
Reputation damage
Increased regulatory scrutiny

Body fluid spills should be taken very seriously.  Arming your team members with an effective solution can help to strengthen your risk management planning.

What’s wrong with a mop &  & bucket?

Historically, cleaning vomit and other body fluid spills with a mop and bucket was a common practice.  
This only exacerbated the problems.

Pathogens can attach themselves to the mop handles and surfaces and therefore continue to thrive long after the 'clean up' operation was 'complete'.

It is now widely accepted that best practise is to dispose of all materials involved with
cleaning up bodily fluids.

5 business costs of pathogens

Reports of virus outbreaks in restaurants, schools, on transport such as cruise ships etc drive national headlines. Outbreaks can happen anywhere. The best defence is a good response plan for vomit and diarrhoea events.  Body fluid spill kits are a key part of risk management programs and include disinfectants that can help prevent outbreaks.

Making a small investment in a body fluid spill kit can be a cost saving decision.

1. Reputation Damage

Word spreads quickly. News of a virus outbreak can lead to lost business and require significant marketing investments in order to regain lost consumer trust.

2. Business Closing

Organisations are unable to generate revenues in the immediate aftermath of a virus outbreak. Delays associated with decontamination services and, in some cases, clearance from the health department can impact the bottom line in a meaningful way.

3. Health Department Scrutiny

Virus outbreaks can result in more frequent oversight by local and state health departments charged with public safety. Additional compliance burdens can represent lower productivity and additional costs.

4. Decontamination Services

Decontamination services performed by professional service firms can be expensive and disruptive.

5. Foodborne Illness Litigation

A virus outbreak can affect hundreds of customers and employees before the pathogen is properly contained.

CQC regulations

CQC regulations are in place for healthcare providers to ensure they are providing a care service to a high standard.

Our body fluid spill kits, absorbent granules and disinfectant enable you to comply with the CQC regulations in terms of infection control.

Questions to ask spill kit suppliers

Not all spill kits are created equal!

Are there any components of your spill kit that are intended for multiple clean ups?

All spill kit components should be thrown away after a clean
up to prevent cross-contamination.

Is the disinfectant safe for use on food contact surfaces?

Ensure the disinfectant is food safe. As a matter of interest, ours is!

Are my employees fully protected during the clean up process?

A proper spill kit should contain a complete set of protective materials for your first responders.  Check the contents are sufficient.  Contain-ER offer basic and advanced body fluid spill kits to cope with different incident types.

Can I throw materials away in regular waste?

Small body fluid spills cleaned up as a result of an unplanned accident may not be considered regulated waste.  You should consult your local regulated waste rules to be sure.  

Is there enough absorbent material to handle the spill?

Absorbents are an important part of any spill kit because they help limit the dispersion of pathogens in the air and help to make clean up of body fluids easier.  Contain-ER's absorbent granules can absorb up to 1L.

Are the instructions written & illustrative?

When time is of the essence, instructions that are printed on fluid resistant paper with step-by-step pictures or images are best.

Can I customise the kit to fit my needs?

Your spill kit provider should be willing to engage with you to understand your needs and develop a solution that is optimised for your unique circumstances.

Does your kit have an expiration date?

Specific components of spill kits can have expiration dates.  It may be useful to know that our spill kits do not have an expiry date.