Bio hazard infection control
     Body fluid spill kits, absorbent granules, sharps
     bins & kits, NHS grade disinfectant, ULV foggers.

                    Spills and slip hazard reduction
     Soldifi-ER absorbent granules, high visibility
     absorbent socks, pads, kits, air moving equipment.

                    Personal protection
     First aid kits & refills, needlestick resistant gloves,
     nitrile gloves, masks, goggles, clothing, fire restoration.

Solidifi-ER absorbent granules
10g absorbent granules absorbs approx 1 litre of fluid!
Absorb and solidify (travel) sickness, absorb blood,
absorb urine, solidify vomit, solidify oil, solidify cream.

Body fluid spill kits for all bodily fluids
Ready to use bodily fluid spill kits suitable for cleaning
blood, cleaning vomit, cleaning urine, faeces & saliva.
Can be used safely on practically any surface.
Non bleaching, non corrosive. No mixing required.

Body fluid spill kits.  Solidifi-ER absorbent granules.  Disinfection systems.  Sharps handling.  PPE.
Solidify liquids.   Reduce slips.   Prevent infection.   Reduce cross-contamination.
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