Body fluid spill kits, absorbent granules, sharps
     bins & kits, NHS grade disinfectant, ULV foggers.

                    SLIP HAZARD REDUCTION
     Soldifi-ER absorbent granules, high visibility
     absorbent socks, pads, kits, air moving equipment.

                    PERSONAL PROTECTION
     First aid kits & refills, needlestick resistant gloves,
     nitrile gloves, masks, goggles, clothing, fire restoration.


Contain-ER™ Protection Solutions Ltd design, manufacture and distribute systems, products and solutions to control and reduce risks associated with numerous hazardous materials and situations. 

We specialise in body fluid spill kits and absorbent granules to reduce cross infection and contamination and  to reduce slip hazards.  We can tailor our products and kits to suit your exact requirements.
For advice and to buy your bio hazard and spill control products, please select a category below.
Slip hazards?  Bio hazards?  Infection control problems?  Choose Contain-ER's solutions!  Cost effective.  Efficient.
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