Infection control within healthcare

Sickness, blood and incontinence alongside general spillages are real problems within the NHS and private healthcare industry. 

Not only is it unpleasant to clean up but bodily fluids such as vomit and blood in particular present a massive H&S risk for those involved with the clean up.  Whether it be an isolated tummy bug incident or a simple nose bleed or complete incontinence etc body fluid 'spills' happen and can be very unpleasant and potentially hazardous to clean up.

Our products can make clean up safer and easier and help fulfil CQC Regulations.

Our absorbent granules and body fluid spill kits are ideal for solidifying the sickness or any bodily fluid and provide a safe and efficient way of containing the congealed fluid before removing it.

We also have a range of preventative products to use as part of your PPM regarding infection control within your establishment.  These include fogging machines to disperse disinfectant in order to kill invisible airborne viruses that ordinary cleaning cannot do.  This helps to maintain a healthy environment.

We accept purchase orders or online orders.  Please contact us for further details or if you would like to purchase products in bulk as discounts may be applied.