Contract Packers

CONTRACT PACKERS - do you need component parts for your third party clients' spill kits?

We work alongside contract packers to offer single or bulk supply items for you to fulfil the packing requirements of your contract.  We are able to supply absorbent granules in sachets and bottles, disinfectant, scoop and scrapes, wipes, aprons, gloves and other PPE. Approximately 2 million component parts supplied in the last 5 years alone. For further details, please contact us and we look forward to discussing your individual requirements with you personally.

OWN BRANDING - Do you want our products branded with your company details?

Some companies prefer to use and sell our products with our trusted brand name attached. We understand, however, that own branding is also important to clients. Our low minimum order quantities for customised products makes this a very viable option.

We are able to supply a selection of our products including absorbent granules in sachets and bottles, disinfectant and complete kits with your own branding. Please contact us with your individual requirements.