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Solidifi-ER™ plastic scoop & scraper (disposable or reusable) for bodily fluids including blood, vomit and urine and other congealed, solidified liquids and spills.

Travel sickness Solidifi-ER™ plastic scoop & scraper for vomit and body fluids

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Travel sickness scoop and scraper - disposable or reusable plastic for use with body fluid and other spills.

Dimensions and weight (approx):
Scoop: 130mm L x 110mm W x 8mm H edges with 1.4 mm thick base (weighs approx 19.38g)
Scraper: 95mm L x 90mm W x 1.4mm thick (weighs approx 9.72g)

Advantages of Contain-ER's scoop and scraper:
* Approx 50% thicker than other products

Larger chamfer on the scoop for ease of product collection
Introduction of a chamfer on the scrape for ease of product collection.
Increase in dimensions of scoop and scrape to allow more to be collected.
Increase in height of the edges of the scoop to reduce potential spillage.
Additional finger/thumb indents on the scoop to provide further handling options.

For use with our super absorbent granules to easily and effectively remove body fluid spills such as blood, urine, vomit.