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Magizorb granules easily soak up all liquids in an instant. 375g=35L absorbency approx.

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Magizorb soaks up all liquids in an instant!  Simply sprinkle on used cooking oils and fats, blood, vomit, urine, pet sickness, drink spills, travel sickness and watch as the liquid solidifies.

The 375g contents can absorb up to a staggering 35 litres of fluid.

It is fast, powerful, ready to use, multi-use & multi-purpose. It absorbs anything from water to used cooking fats and everything in between.

Use at home and work to make light work of messy spills and clean ups. Keep a bottle handy in the glove compartment of your car too in case of travel sickness or drink spills.

Great for use on 'accidents and mishaps' caused by children and animals!

Ideal for use on carpet, laminate, vinyl, plastic, glass, cookware & fabric.

Designed with a unique, built-in dosing system to avoid overuse & reduce waste.

Dimensions and weight (approx):
82mm W x 230mm H x 52mm D