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Solidifi-ER™ absorbent granules for blood, urine, vomit, all body fluids, cream, oil, water - bucket - 5kg = 500L absorbency.  Solidify liquids to enable safe and effective clean up and disposal of all spills.

Magizorb absorbent soaks up all liquids in an instant. 5kg=500L absorbency approx.

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Magizorb™ absorbent granules congeal all body fluid spills as well as oil, cream and water based spills.

5kg of super absorbent spill granules absorbs over 500 litres of fluid! A handy bucket to be used as is or to refill shaker bottles.

Magizorb™ absorbent spill granules by Contain-ER™ are completely ready to use.

The absorbent granules are non-bleaching, non-corrosive, non-toxic and can be used on practically any surface.

The absorbent granules turn fluid into a solidified crystal form which makes clean up quicker, easier and safer.

25cm H x 29cm Diameter