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CQC REGULATIONS products for infection control outcomes compliance


Care Quality Commission (CQC) Regulations began in October 2010 as a way of ensuring care providers' services are of the highest quality.

The CQC Regulations refer you to the 58 page Health and Social Care Act 2008 regarding infection control.

Contain-ER can help you as service providers with your infection control product requirements.  Please see the table below for further details of our product relevance to the Outcomes listed in the CQC Regulations.

All products can be found in our
bio hazard solutions section of our website.

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Title and summary of outcome

Contain-ER’s product relevance


Care and welfare of people who use services

People experience effective, safe and appropriate care, treatment and support that meets their needs and protects their rights.

Relating to the clause of outcome 4, that arrangements should be in place for dealing with foreseeable emergencies, Contain-ER’s body fluid spill kits can take care of such situations easily and effectively.


Cleanliness and infection control

People experience care in a clean environment, and are protected from acquiring infections.




For body fluid spills, our Spill Kits contain all relevant PPE, absorbent granules and NHS award winning disinfectant. Contains and removes potentially contaminated material.


In addition, the CQC regulations refer you to the 58 page Health and Social Care Act 2008 regarding infection control.

In particular, part 2.5 of this Act states that providers must ensure:

Decontamination of the environment – including cleaning and disinfection of the fabric, fixtures and fittings of a building or vehicle (walls, floors, ceilings and bathroom facilities). Our fogging machines have the capacity to disinfect walls, floors, ceilings and airborne material. 

Our ATP cleaning validation system to monitor and record cleaning and disinfection process efficacy.

Our sharps bins and handling equipment ensure needles are disposed of safely.

Our hand sanitizers are available in wall mounted or portable versions and are available as alcohol-free and alcohol-based options.


Safety and suitability of premises

People receive care in, work in or visit safe surroundings that promote their wellbeing.

As outcome 8, the environment can be kept clean and safe by using our body fluid spillage kits when required and the disinfecting fogging system as part of routine maintenance.


Safety, availability and suitability of equipment

Where equipment is used, it is safe, available, comfortable and suitable for people’s needs.

By ensuring that equipment is cleaned effectively and regularly with our disinfectant, it is kept safe for users and operators.


Supporting workers

People are kept safe, and their health and welfare needs are met, because staff are competent to carry out their work and are properly trained, supervised and appraised.

By providing employees with adequate protection from infection via use of our PPE, bio hazard spill clean up kits and by having regular decontamination scheduled in, staff remain motivated and healthy and able to perform their roles effectively.


Assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision

People benefit from safe, quality care because effective decisions are made and because of the management of risks to people’s health, welfare and safety.

Again, by following a strict duty of care and ensuring supplies of infection control products are plentiful, risks to people’s health, welfare and safety are minimized.