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Absorbent granules for all body fluid spills - 10 g = 1L absorbency sachet with mild deodoriser

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Absorbent granules congeal and deodorise body fluid spills.

10g of body fluid spill granules absorbs over a litre of fluid!  

Body fluid spills super absorbent granules by Contain-ER™ are completely ready to use.

Approximately 1 litre of all bodily fluids are easily contained with the 10g sachet of absorbent granules.

The absorbent granules assist in the speedy removal of the contamination and reduce the risk of cross contaminating the surrounding areas.

The body fluid spills absorbent granules are non-bleaching, non-corrosive, non-toxic and can be used on practically any surface.

The absorbent granules create much less dust than absorbent powder and form crystals making clean up quicker, easier and safer.

7.5cmW x 10cmH